About Us




It started all through a mother’s high passion on premium products for her kids, which inspired her to start up an online one stop centre where parents could shop the premium product items for their kids.

All product brands in our e-store are sourced locally and internationally. Product brands are selected carefully, in order to maintain only premium, high quality and genuine brands to serve our valuable customers. Our e-store only focuses on products catering from toddlers to kids, the age range of 1 year to 10 years old. We do deliveries to Malaysia and overseas.

There will be constant updates our e-store with new items and product categories to serve our customers better, so stay tuned to our e-store time to time.



Our Mission

To provide our customers with a physical store shopping experience; online, without the time consuming hassle of looking around to locate outlets that sells premium kids products.


Our Promise to our Customers:

- To offer excellent customer service

- Gain our customers' trust by delivering high quality products

- Money worth for the products purchased by our customers