DOUDOU ET. COMPAGNIE and HISTOIRE D'OURS premium plush toys, toys with blanket, stuffed animals, puppets and accessories suitable from newborn onwards.

DOUDOU ET COMPAGNIE's strength relies on a traditional French know-how, famous for its quality and its innovation. Every creation is designed and prototyped in Taverny, located in the Paris area, by talented and passionate designers and dressmakers. The world's leading company of doudou and cuddly toys sells more than 1.5 million DOUDOUs every year.

HISTOIRE D'OURS (Bear's story) has been founded more than 30 years ago, continuing a long French tradition of plush toys making. The names of the collections remind the magical and poetical world of the early childhood. The bears are obviously the best sellers of the House with a large range of size, colours and fabrics.


Some of our DOUDOU’s specialities:

-can be sucked, chewed, kneaded, stretched or cuddled, without becoming distorted or pose any physical risk to their cute owners. 

-extremely soft, with choice of fabrics and shapes specially designed to comfort your child and become child’s beloved companion for years!

- The designer gift box that comes together with medium to bigger size plush toys makes it as a gift that stand apart in quality

-They are also washable without deteriorating in colour.


*Note: All plush toys and puppets are machine washable .Wash cold and separately to avoid strong colours from mixing and hang to dry

* Note: We do not ship these products to Taiwan, Japan and Singapore due to restrictions imposed for the distributor.