CHEEKAABOO offers a unique collection of fun & vibrant and attractive protective swimwear & floaties designed for the comfort of your precious little ones. These are not your average fashionable swimwear but premium swim wear cater for your toddlers:-

-Made from quality Neoprene-keeping children warm in the pool (and out) and protecting them from harmful UV rays. Hence, we use high quality neoprene in our wetsuits and swimwear which have insulating properties to keep children warm, in and out of the water. The neoprene helps to trap water between the suits and the skin to create a layer of insulation from cold.

-Snug Comfort-The pieces are so easy to put onto little bodies, with Velcro and zipper fastenings which fasten and open with ease - the Velcro fastenings also provide for snug fits and allow room for growth.

- Chlorine resistant and offers 100% UV protection on covered areas while giving added buoyancy